[EVENT] The Sonic Stadium 52 Game Challenge 2024! - New Prizes every week! Current Prize: Sonic and the Secret Rings profile gift AND Sonic's Birthday Bash challenge for additional prizes! (2024)

Games Finished/Completed List:

  1. PowerWash Simulator (XBOX One) - Finished 25/02/24
  2. Unpacking (XBOX One) - Finished 07/03/24 - 100% Complete (All Achievements Unlocked)
  3. Tecmo Bowl (NES (Switch Online)) - Finished 09/03/24 - 100% Complete
  4. Sonic the Fighters (XBOX One) - Finished 10/03/24 - 100% Complete (All Achievements Unlocked)
  5. Super Mario Bros. (Super Mario All-Stars Version) (SNES (Switch Online)) - Finished 21/03/24 - 100% Complete (Star Worlds Included)
  6. Donut County (XBOX One) - Finished 24/03/24 - 100% Complete (All Achievements Unlocked)
  7. Open Roads (XBOX One) - Finished 31/03/24 - 100% Complete (All Achievements Unlocked)
  8. Kirby’s Dream Land (Game Boy (Switch Online)) - Finished 13/04/24 - 100% Complete (Extra Game Completed)
  9. Sonic Spinball (SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis (Switch Online)) - Finished 14/04/24 - 100% Complete
  10. Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario All-Stars Version) (SNES (Switch Online)) - Finished 28/04/24 - 100% Complete
  11. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Game Boy (Switch Online)) - Finished 30/04/24 - 100% Complete (Bonus Levels Unlocked and Completed)
  12. Super Mario Land (Game Boy (Switch Online)) - Finished 30/04/24 - 100% Complete
  13. WarioWare Inc. - Mega MicroGames (Game Boy Advance (Switch Online)) - Finished 19/05/24 - 100% Complete (All Games Played Through)
  14. The Day Of The Tentacle Remastered (XBOX One) - Finished 21/05/24 - 100% Complete (All Achievements Unlocked)
  15. Alleyway (Game Boy (Switch Online)) - Finished 23/05/24 - 100% Complete
  16. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Arcade Game (Arcade) (TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection) (XBOX One) - Finished 29/05/24 - 100% Complete
  17. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtles In Time (Arcade) (TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection) (XBOX One) - Finished 02/06/24 - 100% Complete
  18. Sonic Drift (SEGA Game Gear) (Sonic Origins Plus) (XBOX One) - Finished 02/06/24 - 100% Complete
  19. Gradius (NES (Switch Online)) - Finished 07/06/24 - 100% Complete
  20. Super R-Type (SNES (Switch Online)) - Finished 09/06/24
  21. Wild Guns (SNES (Switch Online)) - Finished 14/06/24 - 100% Complete

Hey Guys!

It’s check-in time once again for this week. In all honesty, I didn’t make that much progress in terms of some of the games that I have been playing more recently. A combination of IRL stuff, alongside watching the continuing Euro 2024 football (soccer) tournament (which has caused me quite a bit of stress due to England only just squeaking through to the quarter-finals today as of me writing this), meant that I didn’t have a lot of time to get many games finished off or completed. LEGO Indiana Jones took a backseat for this week, as I mainly concentrated on finishing off the main story in a Sonic game that I have been working on for some time now, especially so that I can meet the bonus birthday challenge. Thankfully, I can say that I have been able to meet the criteria for that challenge, having finished that game just today. I’ll talk more about that shortly, but first off, let’s take a look at the games I managed to add to the list - another two of them - starting with…

Game 22: Oh… Sir!! - The Insult Simulator (Nintendo Switch) - Finished 29/06/24 - 100% Complete (All Characters Unlocked)

Why, yes… the art of the insult… whilst it is probably not a good idea to insult anyone in real life, or on the message boards (or anywhere else, for that matter), this particular game allows you to do just that to a wide variety of other characters, in a rather silly and sometimes incredibly rude game (no, not like that). The aim of the game is to build your own insults using a variety of words and phrases provided to you and the other character on each turn - the more rude the insult is, the more health points you take off of your opponent. Try to be the first to reduce your opponent’s health bar to zero, and you will win. If you find that you can’t always find the worst possible words to use in your insult, don’t worry, you can always sip your cup of tea to generate some extra phrases to add to your retorts. Also, each character has their own unique insults and weaknesses, so try to exploit these to you advantage to score some extra points and take more health away from your rival.

One example of a level early on in the game - the insult I came up with might not show up on the screen, but I wouldn’t dare try to repeat that here. I’m not that mean (most of the time).

As you play through the main single player mode, you will unlock more characters, and each of them come with their own set of unique phrases that you can take advantage of when talking smack to each opponent. As I was playing on the Switch version of the game, having already played through the XBOX One version in full previously, I counted this as a 100% completion by unlocking all of the characters in the game, including parodies of former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher, Sir Knight (a sort of Sean Connery-style depiction of an old-fashioned knight), a Russian soldier, and even Morgan Freeman’s portrayal of God in Bruce Almighty. I am not making any of this up.

Unfortunately, the game does also suffer with some negative depictions of stereotypes, particularly with a few of the characters, so if you are easily offended by depictions of certain characters, then this might not be the game for you - it isn’t too racist, thankfully, but some of the humour in the game may end up being a little bit adult in nature, so you have been warned. That being said, the game was quite funny in a few areas, especially with how much of the game pays tribute to various classic Monty Python sketches, such as the Dead Parrot and the Liver Transplant sketches, along with references to The Life of Brian and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. At the end of the day, whilst this little distraction may not necessarily be to everyone’s taste, you might want to check this one out if you’re curious and want to have a quick laugh. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try, you tottering fool-born hedge-pig! (As Sir Knight might say (and yes, that is one of his unique insults in the actual game!)!

And speaking of hedge-pigs…

Game 23: Sonic Adventure DX (XBOX 360) - Finished 30/06/24 (SONIC’S BIRTHDAY BONUS CHALLENGE)

I was originally planning on finishing off the main story of Sonic Adventure DX last week to coincide with the Blue Blur’s birthday celebrations, but I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to finish off the characters’ stories that I had yet to go through, but with both Amy and Gamma’s stories finished off during the last two weeks or so, (which brought about a mixture of sadness (at Gamma’s story ending, of course), enjoyment (playing through Gamma’s levels, despite being short), and frustration (not being able to get used to the controls for Amy Rose, as well as being unsatisfied about how short her story was)), I was finally able to get to the final battle between Super Sonic and Perfect Chaos. Although it took me a few tries to finally defeat the main antagonist, it felt so satisfying to relive such an iconic final boss in the Sonic franchise in what was an unforgettable experience of playing through our favourite hedgehog’s first foray into a true 3D environment. (Not counting the Saturn games, despite Sonic Jam and R having some 3D elements.)

That said, even though I have finished the main story, I wasn’t planning on making this game be the one that I would have liked to have listed for the birthday challenge, since I was planning on playing a different Sonic title from my collection, but I felt like as I was close to finishing off the main storyline, this would ultimately fit in just fine with the bonus challenge.

I will eventually plan to go back to SA1 so that I can collect the rest of the emblems, especially those from the Chao Races, which I hadn’t really bothered with for this run through previously, but I will take the time to complete those, and also obtain the remaining emblems for the action stages and the sub games, as well as completing the missions too. For now though, I’m glad that I was able to get the main game finished just in time before the bonus challenge came to an end. So yeah… Happy (belated) Birthday Sonic, once again!

Well, that’s it from me for now. Hope everyone is enjoying the last moments of June, and until next time, see you in the next update!

Games Finished: 23

Games 100% Completed: 20


[EVENT] The Sonic Stadium 52 Game Challenge 2024! - New Prizes every week! Current Prize: Sonic and the Secret Rings profile gift AND Sonic's Birthday Bash challenge for additional prizes! (2024)
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