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[Replacement of cannon fodder character: Tang Tang. The Tang family is one of the largest companies in Z City. Tang Tang's parents are good friends with the parents of the protagonists. The four have been playing together since childhood, but a few years ago, Tang's father and mother's marriage broke down and ended in a peaceful divorce. Tang Tang and his mother went to the north and lost contact with the three because of some things...]

[Thus he met the protagonist in the new school, which led to the tragic death of the sunny and cheerful boy in a dirty alley on a snowy day.]

Z City, Experimental Middle School.

The temperature was suitable in early summer, and the breeze blew through the green plants beside the dormitory building, and the leaves made a refreshing rustling sound. Not far away, the basketball court was very lively.

The boy in the gray jersey tried his best to intercept the boy in the fiery red jersey who was dribbling and making a layup. His offensive appearance made the boys watching nearby who were not on the court laugh and whistled and teased.

"Brother Tang, don't lose!!"

"Haha, monkey, keep working hard!"

The teasing voices were faintly heard in the dormitory building. On the balcony filled with sunlight, one of the doors was opened, and a boy with black shirt, jeans, black hair and cold white skin came out. He stood on the balcony and quietly looked at Tang Tang running on the court with the ball.

The opponent had been playing for a while and was sweating all over. The warm light of the setting sun sprinkled on the court, making his skin look like honey. He was seen running on the basketball court as agile as a leopard, turning around with the ball to avoid the people who came to intercept him, and jumped up for a layup!

With a bang, the basketball fell to the ground. The boy shook off the sweat on his hands, and then he turned around and laughed and scolded the few people who were watching the excitement.

"Get out, who are you looking down on?"

Chu Jiao looked at it for a few seconds, and his slender pale fingers couldn't help but move. He went back to the dormitory to find the oil painting tools. Pei Heng, who was doing the test paper not far away, reached out to push his frameless glasses and looked at him with his head tilted.

"Is Tang Tang playing basketball?"

Chu Jiao lowered his eyes and said "hmm", then found all the tools, walked to the balcony and put them down, and then moved the drawing board to the middle.

The breeze blew from time to time, and the afterglow of the setting sun fell softly on the students running on the basketball court, full of youth. The boy in the red jersey jumped up for a layup, and the hem of his shirt was blown up by the wind, revealing his honey-colored, thin waist. He was extremely dazzling in the sun.

The white canvas was covered with colors, freezing this scene. Chu Jiao calmly raised his pen and painted sweat on the boy's honey-colored skin.


It was afternoon after school, and there were quite a few people around. Girls in school uniforms walked in pairs, holding sports drinks in their hands, looking at the people running on the basketball court.

Tang Tang made a neat three-pointer into the basket, and the "bang" on the ground seemed to hit everyone's heart, and excited screams were faintly heard around.

It was the age of first love, who had not envied the boy who sweated on the court.

The boy had neat short black hair and a wet jersey that stuck to his well-proportioned body. He was wearing a pair of white sneakers and panting slightly. He lifted up his shirt and wiped the sweat off his face. Pei Heng saw his honey-colored abdominal muscles covered with sweat.

The Experimental High School had abundant teacher resources. Although the management was loose, it provided many students for Tsinghua and Peking University. So Pei Heng had just finished his test paper in the dormitory when he was called to the office by the teacher.

After discussing the matters of the competition, he passed by a vending machine and bought a bottle of water when he came out, and came to the basketball court to wait for Tang Tang to finish playing.

Before long, the suppressed shouting had not passed, and the boy frowned and fanned himself with his clothes, while raising his legs and walking over to call him: "No more, let's stop here today."

The others had almost finished playing, and at this time a tall, thin, dark-skinned man holding a basketball ran over and called him: "Come on, Brother Tang, let's go play games?"

Tang Tang wiped the sweat off his neck with a towel. He thought about it and before he could get back to him whether he was going or not, the girls who had been surrounding him for a long time all came over.

The schoolgirl of Class 3 wore a school uniform and smiled at the boy: "Tang Tang will give you some water. This brand of sports drink is delicious."

The other two girls did not give in at all. They were more polite than each other and told Tang Tang their appreciation.

Pei Heng stood outside the Shura Field, smiled at Tang Tang's embarrassment, and went to help him out of the Shura Field.

"Tang Tang."

Hearing the familiar voice, Tang Tang's eyes lit up and he looked up. A man in a white shirt and suit pants stood outside the basketball court. Pei Heng was one year older than him. He was not a nerd who only studied in the library. He had a physique that he had trained in the gym for many years, which was wrapped in a shirt and straight suit pants. He wore a pair of rimless glasses that were neither wide nor narrow on his nose. He had a tall body and handsome appearance. He had an oppressive look when he lifted his eyelids and looked at people. Some people would believe that he was a beast in human clothing.

"No, Ah Heng brought me some water."

Tang Tang said as he retracted his gaze, then trotted over to take the water from the other person's hand, unscrewed the cap and drank half of the bottle. His neck, covered with sweat, rolled sexy as he swallowed, and a hint of coolness overflowed from the corner of his mouth, flowing down his neck and chest, soaking the fabric on the chest of his jersey.

Pei Heng looked at that place for a few seconds, and then restrainedly turned his eyes away as if he was not looking at anything inappropriate.

When the girls saw Pei Heng, they had to put away their drinks hesitantly. When they left, they looked back every few steps and saw the handsome boy in a fiery red jersey in the afterglow of the sunset, smiling brightly and playing with the nerd next to him wearing a white shirt, suit pants, and frameless glasses. Such a big thing jumped on the other person's back and hung like a koala. The nerd, who always kept strangers away, bent his body and said in a low voice that he disliked his sweaty body.

"Get lost, what's your sense of smell? I smell so good, okay?" Tang Tang hung on Pei Heng's back like a boneless man, and was dragged to the dormitory by him.

His breath was filled with cold fragrance, and he shouted: "Are you still a brother? If you are a brother, you should carry me back with you. Those guys went crazy today and tried their best to stop me. I was so tired that I almost died on the court."

"I'm exhausted and can't walk anymore." The straight man lay on the gay's back and grumbled, without any self-awareness. Pei Heng carried the 1.84-meter straight man on his back, and his back was warm. After being exercised by the other party, the sweat mixed with an indescribable warmth and the smell of seduction made his temples jump faintly for a few moments, and more than once he was troubled by his straight nerves.

"Who told you to hit me so hard?" His voice was calm as usual. While carrying Tang Tang to the dormitory, he was thinking about how to tell Tang Tang that his three brothers were all gay for some reason.

The person behind him tutted his tongue and said very arrogantly, "If I don't beat them up, I will lose face."

As they walked to the dormitory, Tang Tang jumped off Pei Heng's back. Just as he was about to pat his shoulder to say thank you, he was attracted by the buttocks wrapped in suit pants.

He patted it up carelessly and laughed and teased, "Hey, Ah Heng, your butt is so perky."

Then he looked up and saw Chu Jiao's painting. He said "oh" and was about to walk over when he was pulled. Looking back and seeing Pei Heng's expressionless face, Tang Tang showed a straight man's confusion. He vaguely knew that he was impatient and made the other party unhappy.

He turned around and faced Pei Heng with his back: "I'm wrong, I'm really wrong. Let Pei Xueba beat him back. Xueba, please be generous and don't be angry with me."

"..." Pei Heng knew him too well. He was a person who remembered food but not beatings. Now he said lazily that he was wrong, but he would forget it completely soon. The Husky who destroyed the house didn't have a long memory.

He let go of Tang Tang's hand, kicked his perky butt under his basketball shorts, and said in an unhappy tone: "Go away."

Someone said "Hey" with a smile, patted the dust off his butt, strode towards Chu Jiao, put one hand on his shoulder, bent down and pointed at the painting, and it was unknown what he was saying to the other person.

Stealing the Protagonist Gongs Away in a Shou-Centered World to Have Gang S*x - Chapter 1 - RottenVillain (2024)
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